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When talking about people developer, there is some definition and terminology you can find. This is some definition and terminology abot people developer :

1. Webster On Line Dictionary :



1. (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively; “old people”; “there were at least 200 people in the audience”.

2. The body of citizens of a state or country; “the Spanish people”.

3. The common people generally; “separate the warriors from the mass”; “power to the people”.

4. Members of a family line; “his people have been farmers for generations”; “are your people still alive?”.


1. Fill with people; “people a room”.

2. Make one’s home or live in; “There are only 250,000 people in Iceland”; “I live in a 200-year old house”; “These people inhabited all the islands that are now deserted”; “The plains are sparsely populated”.



1. Someone who contracts for and supervises the construction of a building.

2. Photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film.

Source: WordNet 1.7.1 Copyright © 2001 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

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2. People Developer Standard

The People Developer is Singapore’s quality standard on human resource development.

What Is The People Developer Standard?

• It is a scheme, administered by SPRING Singapore, which gives recognition to
organisations that are committed to bringing out the best in their people to
achieve better business results.

• It provides organisations with a systematic process to:

o review their people practices

o develop staff

o improve learning effectiveness

• Through this process, organisations will integrate all their people development
activities into eight dimensions:

o Learning Needs Analysis

o Career Development

o Resource Allocation

o Communication

o Induction

o Monitoring

o Evaluation

o Improvement

3. Wikipedia

People developer : Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. Please search for People developer in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.

4. Articles at HR Magazine

By Robert N. Llewellyn

The title of “best people developer” is the lasting legacy of an outstanding boss who knows the importance of building his direct reports. see complete article…

5. The People Developers

Providing Learning & Development for People

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