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Trainers Guide : Rules For Giving Feedback

The rules for giving feedback are as follows. 1. Timing Feedback is at its most effective when the events being described are still fresh in the minds of both the giver and the receiver of feedback. Ideally the recipient should be aware that they will be getting feedback and there should be sufficient time to […]

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Trainers Guide : How Adults Learn

The division of information into ‘must know’, ‘should know’, ‘could know’ elements will go some way to establishing a balanced lesson plan, but understanding how adults learn will allow us to structure the material into a logical sequence which builds upon a person’s learning pattern. Although learning behaviour is a very complex issue, there are […]

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DISCUSS Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

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10 Tips When Facilitating Discussion

Your role during a group discussion is to facilitate the flow of comments from participants. Although it is not necessary to interject your comments after each participant speaks, periodically assisting the group with their contributions can be helpful. Here is a ten-point facilitation menu to use as you lead group discussions. 1. Paraphrase what a […]

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10 Assignments to Give Learning Partners

One of the most effective and efficient ways to promote active training is to divide a class into pairs and compose learning partnerships. It is hard to get left out in a pair. It is also hard to hide in one. Learning partnerships can be short term or long-term. Learning partners can undertake a wide […]

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MEASURING PERFORMANCE We find, however, that most people rely on less-than-perfect measures to make decisions and that they do indeed place economic values on learning and performance when making such decisions as selecting products to use, choosing strategies for accomplishing tasks, assigning people to participate in projects, and selecting needs to address. One key to […]

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