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Leaders of the Future: Growing One-Eyed Kings

By General Eric K. Shinseki Leaders of the future — 2015? 2025? 2030? Do you know who will lead your business 10 years from now, or 20 or 25 years in the future? How about next week? The U.S. Army knows who its leaders will be decades from today, they just don’t know their names […]

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7 THE BUSINESS HAT: WHERE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER As a professional in some discipline your perspective of the business of the organization was limited. You had knowledge of the purposes and objectives of your group but limited knowledge of the organization. As long as the organization was meeting its objectives there was not much […]

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1. THE ADMINISTRATION HAT: MANAGING THE NUTS AND BOLTS Doing administrative work is generally not considered to be the most exciting role of a manager unless by chance you receive some great satisfaction from dealing with routine details. The claim that there’s not much room for creativity depends on whether you accept the status quo […]

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