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16 Profil Kepribadian – MBTI – 5.ESTP

Artikel ini dikutip dari beberapa sumber seperti :,, 5. ESTP − Persuader PENGINDERA YANG EKSTROVERT DENGAN PIKIRAN (EXTRAVERTED SENSING WITH THINKING) REALIS TULEN (SUPREME REALIST) Preferensi (kecenderungan) orang ini meliputi: Menghadapi hidup secara realistik dan tak pribadi Bersahabat, realisme yang dapat beradaptasi Bersandar pada apa yang mereka lihat, dengar dan ketahui dari tangan […]

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16 Profil Kepribadian – MBTI – 4. ISFJ

Artikel ini dikutip dari beberapa sumber seperti :,, 4. ISFJ − Defender PENGINDERA YANG INTROVERT DENGAN PERASAAN (INTROVERTED SENSING WITH FEELING) SANGAT DAPAT DIANDALKAN (SUPER DEPENDABLE) Preferensi (kecenderungan) orang ini meliputi: Mendasarkan keputusan pada nilai-nilai pribadi Dapat diandalkan, akurat Penghargaan yang lengkap, realistik dan praktis terhadap fakta Menerima tanggung jawab melampaui panggilan tugas […]

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Procrastination most often affects our idea people. As they creatively come up with and play with ideas, employees make some valuable contributions and observations. They also can delay getting started by staying in the idea stage, still playing around. Mulling over ideas is only one of many reasons that employees procrastinate. For most, procrastination is […]

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7 THE BUSINESS HAT: WHERE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER As a professional in some discipline your perspective of the business of the organization was limited. You had knowledge of the purposes and objectives of your group but limited knowledge of the organization. As long as the organization was meeting its objectives there was not much […]

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Managers also often wear the high-anxiety hat. These tasks are performed without any joy and become a painful reminder of problems managers face. These are challenging tasks that test a manager’s competence to function when faced with critical decisions. They may not occur often but they define the manager’s character and involvement. Fortunately there are […]

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5 THE ACTION HAT: DOING THE WORK The action hat describes some of the real work of the manager. As a professional you have probably heard a lot about managers delegating. While managers do delegate many activities, there are others that require a full understanding and cannot be delegated. For the inexperienced manager these activities […]

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