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16 Profil Kepribadian – MBTI – 4. ISFJ

Artikel ini dikutip dari beberapa sumber seperti :,, 4. ISFJ − Defender PENGINDERA YANG INTROVERT DENGAN PERASAAN (INTROVERTED SENSING WITH FEELING) SANGAT DAPAT DIANDALKAN (SUPER DEPENDABLE) Preferensi (kecenderungan) orang ini meliputi: Mendasarkan keputusan pada nilai-nilai pribadi Dapat diandalkan, akurat Penghargaan yang lengkap, realistik dan praktis terhadap fakta Menerima tanggung jawab melampaui panggilan tugas […]

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Managers also often wear the high-anxiety hat. These tasks are performed without any joy and become a painful reminder of problems managers face. These are challenging tasks that test a manager’s competence to function when faced with critical decisions. They may not occur often but they define the manager’s character and involvement. Fortunately there are […]

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4. THE PEOPLE HAT: UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR The people hat involves gaining an understanding of human behavior. The uniqueness of people needs to be taken into account in developing plans and in making decisions that involve people. Managers very quickly find themselves in a position to make decisions that have current as well as future […]

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3 THE LEADERSHIP HAT: TAKING THE LEAD Leadership is the third component of managing. There are those who make a distinction between managing and leading. While leadership is vital, it is only one part of the management process. Leadership doesn’t work in isolation to meet organizational objectives. Keep in mind that we’re considering leadership as […]

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