Communications before, during and following TNA work should be carefully planned and completed so that your findings do not come as a ‘shock’ to people. Completing TNA can also provide a good opportunity to: raise awareness; begin to manage expectations, and, build commitment to the program . Therefore completing TNA can in itself provide a valuable communication function and, as with all communications, should be tied in with the wider business change activities which are in place. The following aspects of communication should be consistent with the business change and communication activities:

• Definition of the channels of communication which will be used (also see methods below)

• The audience to analyze – ensuring that all affected parties, not necessarily just those who will need training, are consulted (e.g. line mangers of those to be trained)

• Subsequently how to socialize the results, in particular the interim review process of the initial results (to check they make sense in the practical environment), and, the ‘final’ issue of results should be carefully considered

Source : Training Need Analysis Guidance Document, ETD S 11 BO,

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