1. Begin with a few rapport-building questions.

2. Obtain permission to record the interview.

3. Avoid adhering rigidly to the question sequence. Be flexible, but ensure that all questions have been covered by the end. If they have not been, schedule a follow-up phone or online interview.

4. Give all participants an equal amount of time to respond to each question.

5. Clarify responses when necessary.

6. Ask for concrete examples to support statements.

7. Separate facts from opinions, if possible.

8. Maintain a neutral attitude.

9. Avoid discussing results with other interviewees.

10. Ask whether interviewees have additional questions or comments at the end.

11. Offer appreciation for participation.

12. Summarize key points.

13. Ask whether interviewees can be contacted again if necessary.

Source : Kavita Gupta, ASTD, 2007

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