The Apple Way Management Lessons : 12. Fix Your Plan (Jeffrey L Cruikshank) by Yudha Argapratama

Rangkaian Artikel yang saya posting secara berseri ini saya kutip dari Buku The Apple Way : 12 Management Lessons from the World’s Most Innovative Company karya Jeffrey L. Cruikshank. Banyak Point dan pelajaran tentang management yang bisa kita ambil dari Perusahaan paling inovatif di Dunia ini. Mari kita belajar dari Keberhasilan dan Kegagalannya. Selamat Menikmati.

Apple has had its hot strategies and its ice-cold strategies. Here are a few lessons derived from both:

Beware of creeping elegance.

This is my shorthand for, “Don’t let your products start to exaggerate themselves.” Also, don’t put

people in positions of power who are likely to endorse creeping elegance behind your back.

Beware of the Strategy of the Month.

From the viewpoint of the trenches, nothing is more exhausting or demoralizing than to have your leadership bouncing from one strategy to the next.

Pursuing multiple and internally contradictory strategies can’t work.

You can’t go both east and west at the same time.

A bloody battlefield does not a good planning process make.

Take it from Gil Amelio: If you have to lock the doors to keep your senior managers out of the planning process, you’re not going to wind up in the right place.

The friend of your product is your friend.

Cheer heartily for any development that makes the Mother Ship more secure.

Remember all those flying toasters? Nope; no Intel inside.

Businesspeople—just like other humans—see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear. This is dangerous, from a strategic perspective.

Follow the Yoffie Prescription.

Figure out the true competitive landscape. Don’t bank on being the best. Standards will prevail, especially in high tech. Timing is everything. Competitive advantages go way over time. Success begets success.

Understand and play to your strengths.

Apple will succeed (or—gasp—fail) based on its competitive advantages, including: Steve Jobs, running room, and a powerful and revitalized brand. And throw some good luck in there, too.

Source : The Apple Way. 12 Management Lessons from the World’s Most Innovative Company. Jeffrey L. Cruikshank.McGraw-Hill. 2006

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