The Four Steps to Positive Momentum

We will explore all the necessary steps to stop and intervene the downward spiral towards depression. If you want to make positive progress in your life, then you need to think about how to apply these four steps.

1. Begin believing you can change.

Often we try improving our physical, financial and emotional circumstances so many times, without success, that we are afraid of trying to change again. This naturally leads to skepticism. People are not skeptical by nature, people are skeptical as a result of past failures. It’s impossible to stop and intervene into your present downward spiral unless you believe you can. Aren’t there people who seem to have everything in life going against them, who have nevertheless intervened and stop the momentum of a downward spiral? Of course there are. The truth is that you can change anything you want if you have a BIG enough why. And this is the first step to intervening in your downward spiral.

Begin by using the power of pain-threshold to cause motivation in the area you want to change.

2. Get Confident

If other people have changed the momentum of a downward spiral then so can you. How do you go about stopping and intervening the momentum of a negative downward spiral? Focus on your circle of control. When you feel you are in control of your life, then you are more likely to have confidence in yourself.

There are only three commonalties worldwide. We all have 24/hours per day. We are all motivated by pain and pleasure. We all have free-will (the ability to make choices). All interventions into our downward spiral require three things:

1. New goals.

2. A plan we believe in.

3. The necessary motivation.

All three of these steps are within your circle of control. All progress requires some level of control. Control breeds confidence – confidence that you can do it, then confidence that you will do it.

The truth is if you follow all these three steps, along with the key to success, you will get positive results. In fact I can guarantee it. Unless some circumstances outside of your circle of control stops you, you have the power to achieve your desired goals. You will be able to intervene and turn your downward spiral into one that shoots for the moon.

3. Get Excited

If you believe your future finances, relationships, career and all other areas of your life will get better, you will get excited. This excitement is what fuels you for the next necessary step of positive momentum. But before you can experience the benefits of your excitement, you will need to feel uncomfortable.

4. Get Uncomfortable

All worthy progress on the upward spiral of success first requires that we get uncomfortable. And this is the problem. As you learn in this book people don’t want to get uncomfortable. But to reverse the negative spiral, this is a prerequisite. Unless you control pain and pleasure, you will not be able to pay the price necessary to succeed.

The Two Discomforts and How They Control Your Success

Positive momentum requires a necessary push. This requires effort. Effort requires motivation. Once momentum gets going, you won’t require so much motivation but until then you need to push hard. Pushing hard means getting uncomfortable. You won’t push hard unless you get the necessary motivation and get a 100% committed. This is the first type of discomfort. This type of discomfort works against you. The other type of discomfort is the one that compels you to follow through on your goals. It’s uncomfortable to work, achieve goals and work your plan BUT it’s more uncomfortable quitting. If you’ve used the power of motivation effectively then quitting will be unbearable and extremely uncomfortable. Quitting must be more uncomfortable then the effort necessary if you’re going to achieve any worthy goals. After discomfort comes…

4. Joy, Love and Peace

After discomfort comes joy. As you achieve financial independence, good health, great relationships, a great career you begin feeling the joy, love and peace of these achievements.

Source : Michael Bolduc. Power of Motivation. 2000

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